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To Mr. Harold Barnes:

The light you provided to our community is not forgotten. In your position as a law enforcement officer, you were fair, honorable and conscious of the issues within the community you served.  When the uniform was off you became our father, mentor, coach, referee, big brother, chauffer and sometimes meal ticket. You ran centers at 29th and Lehigh and 27th and Haggart with limited resources or support. Yet you made it work for us. You made it work for families that didn’t have a lot. You made each person feel important by finding the time for everyone.

Countless men and women owe you so much for helping us build the foundations that sustain our lives. In us you have lifelong friendships, people who pray for you, call you and look forward to your trips home to your beloved North Philly.​ It is because of you that there is a North Philly Project. It is because of you that we answered the call of a community in distress, help those marginalized and operate as a team to bring change to the greatest community on earth. It was the example we saw from you growing up that is the blueprint of how to humbly serve our community. If there was no Harold Barnes there would be no North Philly Project.  We love you more than words can ever express. ~ North Philly Project
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