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The WAY (Wellness and You) serves the community as a comprehensive approach to the mind, body and spirit connection. Through outcomes based programming, WAY addresses the significant health disparities that are evident in North Philadelphia. This comprehensive initiative focuses on wellness dimensions including; social, occupational, environmental, spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and financial. Initiative programming is for adults and youth, including gender specific programs.

The W.A.Y is an expansion of the T.A.N. Program which provided the opportunity to assess the continuing needs of the community. Our families provided valuable information which played an integral role in the design of the WAY Program. 

A Healthier You

Learn about chronic conditions, 

disease maintenance and prevention.


Ask the Experts

Ask questions of our professionals,

and receive answers

as well as links to wellness resources.

We will focus on

Mental Health Issues

Health & Wellness



Weight Management

and more...

The WAY Table

Learn how to prepare different recipes, 

create menus, find nutritional information 

and incorporate NEW foods into your diet.

We will provide


Nutritional information

and Explore the Medicinal effects of Food

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