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By joining North Philly Project, you are choosing to become a valuable and appreciated part of a passionate team of individuals who are determined to be part of the positive change of North Philadelphia. Although many programs and initiatives exist, we feel that a strategy that seeks to integrate the uplifting power of community with the wisdom of various health and wellness best practices, youth and families-focused programs that are integrated into gentrification, will offer something new, unique, and valuable for residents in North Philadelphia.

We seek to include a variety of different lived experiences and the perspectives they each bring into North Philly Project. Although we each contribute something different, we are united by a shared commitment to the values and principles outlined in this document and our collaborative endeavor.  We believe that there is much efficacy and efficiency gained in working to collectively actualize these values rather than working in parallel as individuals, while appreciating what everyone brings to our organization family.  


We want to be a team of people who are inspired and motivated to work in the same direction and who endorse the vision, mission, and values that drive our collective effort.  For that reason, we want to articulate these guide points so that you understand what is driving this organization you are joining:

North Philly Project Core Values and Goals are the navigating principles and mindset that direct us into our mission. They are organic and work succinctly to pilot our policies, procedures, and programs.

Goals 1
Goals 2
Goals 3
Goals 4
Goals 5
Goals 6
Goals 7

By joining North Philly Project, family and organization, you are agreeing to actualize these values and principles by doing the following:

  1. Committing to contribute to the vision, mission and strengthening of North Philly Project through; board governance, team participation, financial contribution, lending of skills, experience and talents. Requested financial contribution is $30.00 monthly.

  2. Participating in shared fund-raising activities for both NPP organization budget and various program mission accomplishments.

  3. Committing to creating a culturally sensitive and inclusive environment

  4. Commitment to participate in at least one (1) community event for organization (ex. WAY wellness event or Youth Summit)

  5. Committing to attend 75% of all NPP organization/board meetings (will occur at least quarterly and no more than monthly)

  6. Committing to facilitating the community building aspect of the NPP mission which may include donating time, creativity, expertise & effort

  7. Committing to treating those we serve and each other with dignity and respect

  8. Committed to having FUN with each other in the work we do.

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